Foundations of thermodynamics

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Quantum Information and Foundations of Thermodynamics

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Institutional Subscription. Free Shipping Free global shipping No minimum order. Preface Introduction Chapter 1. Fundamental Concepts 1. The Structure of a Physical Theory 1. Primitive Observers 1. The Classical Formulations of Thermodynamics 1. Systems and States 1.

SP2 2017 LECTURE 1 Postulates of Thermodynamics, Some Foundations

Relations between States 1. The Axioms Chapter 2. Formal Processes 2. Definitions and Axioms 2. Addition of Processes 2. Ordering of Processes 2. Further Properties of Processes Chapter 3. Components of Content 3.

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Definition 3. Existence of Components of Content Chapte 4. Irreversibility 4. Irreversibility Functions 4. The Construction of an Irreversibility Function 4. Irreversibility and Entropy Chapter 5. Mechanical Systems and Adiabatic Processes 5. Physical Considerations 5. Most of this presentation is taken from notes that I assembled while teaching such a course on two occasions. I found that, aside from a brief review of line integrals and exact differentials in two dimensions and a short discussion of infima and suprema of sets of real numbers, juniors and even some mature sophomores had sufficient mathematical background to handle the subject matter.

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Many of the students whom I taught had very limited experience with formal and rigorous mathematical exposition. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Physics Complexity. Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics Free Preview. In our forthcoming paper, we will address these questions by discussing consistent notions of one-shot heat, one-shot Landauer erasure, and of one-shot work extraction from correlations.

Data sharing not applicable to this article as no data sets were generated or analyzed during the current study. Resource theory of quantum states out of thermal equilibrium. Horodecki, M. Fundamental limitations for quantum and nanoscale thermodynamics. Aberg, J. Truly work-like work extraction via a single-shot analysis. Faist, P. The minimal work cost of information processing.

Skrzypczyk, P.

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Work extraction and thermodynamics for individual quantum systems. Brandao, F.

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    Generalized laws of thermodynamics in the presence of correlations | Nature Communications

    Lostaglio, M. Quantum coherence, time-translation symmetry, and thermodynamics. X 5 , Description of quantum coherence in thermodynamic processes requires constraints beyond free energy. Dahlsten, O. Inadequacy of von neumann entropy for characterizing extractable work. New J. Egloff, D. A measure of majorization emerging from single-shot statistical mechanics. Gogolin, C. Equilibration, thermalisation, and the emergence of statistical mechanics in closed quantum systems.