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If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your username. Skip to Main Content. First published: 21 May About this book The application of systems biology methods to Traditional Chinese Medicine Emphasizing the harmony of the human body with the environment, Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM has evolved over thousands of years.

The book also: Describes the mechanisms of TCM at the molecular and systems levels using chemomics, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and bioinformatics Places modern scientific technologies within the context of TCM, helping drug researchers improve experimental designs and strategies Illustrates how a systems biology approach is compatible with TCM's traditional, holistic therapeutic strategies and treatment modalities Presents topics of current interest, such as integrated global systems biology and the application of chemometrics research to herbal medicines This book not only opens a new pathway for the continued development of TCM, but also for systems biology.

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Professor Luo is dedicated to the application of systems biology to study and advance TCM. He has published more than peer-reviewed papers and applied for thirty-one patents.

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Among the many honors he has received for his research achievements are two National Scientific and Technological Advancement Prizes. Free Access.

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The training at TCM universities only introduced basic formulas knowledge. The advanced formula experience needs an accumulation of long term practice. His valuable experience can direct us to select the right formulas and to modify the formulas. We will also introduce the clinical experience and academic thought of some famous ancient masters in TCM history.

Tiejun Tang is a highly regarded practitioner of Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

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He has studied and worked in five different famous medical universities in China. He has practiced in 3 top university hospitals and has taught Chinese medicine in 2 universities. Since he came to UK in , Dr. Tang works in the teaching clinic of Middlesex University as a clinical tutor and guest lecturer of Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

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His PhD research was focused on the mechanisms of Chinese herbs for improving myocardial ischemia. It is now time to continue this synthesis of the Traditional Medical systems.

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The innate similarities between these medical systems make their integration and synthesis relatively easy, and very rewarding. Things to be gained by studying Traditional Medicine: An understanding of the energetics of Physiology and Materia Medica An understanding of Qi and Spirit An understanding of using Animal and Mineral Medicines, as well as Vegetable An understanding of Preparations used to enhance medicinal qualities An understanding of Preparations used to eliminate toxins or unwanted qualities Access to a huge range of time-tested Traditional formula Access to a range of medicines that have previously been much used in Europe, and continue to be used in Eastern medical systems, but have been forgotten in the West Access to an accumulated amount of knowledge gathered over thousands of years Why is this necessary Today?

Modern natural medicine in the west has been reduced from its former glory.

It is driven by fads, quasi-scientific rationale, and, like modern medicine, tends to be aimed at treating diseases, and reducing symptoms, rather than treating the individual temperament. Very few animal or mineral medicines are used in modern natural Medicine. This does not have to mean supporting the trade of endangered species of Animal; in fact, some of the most used animal medicines are actually animal by-products, such as Honey, Wax, Silkworm Cocoons, Deer Horn, Pearls, Shells, etc.

Most strong, toxic or expensive natural medicines are no longer used medicines such as Saffron, Gold, Pearl, Arsenic etc. Medicines that work on an energy level are no longer used medicines such as Pearl, Coral, Amber, various Shells, Gems and various animal medicines. No methods of preparation or purification are used such as preparing a medicine with Alcohol to enhance its ability to move the Blood or Confecting certain roots to transform them into tonics, such as Elecampane or Sea Holly.

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By the standards of Traditional Medicine, very few modern herbalists know how to write a good formula. For these reasons, this Web Site has been created. Discover the hidden Wisdom of many Centuries of Human endeavor which is based purely on Natural Law, and lies waiting for you to re-learn and apply.

It wasn't only the herbal knowledge that attracted him to this text, it was the insights into the Theory of Traditional Medicine that was scattered throughout the writings of Culpeper. By 16 he had established his own herb garden and when 17, built a large cabinet to store the many jars of dried herbs and roots he had collected himself. By this time, he was well versed in the Galenic tradition of the West and was exploring Ayurveda and Tibetan Medicine. He has collected wild herbs in the Himalayas with Tibetan practitioners and has had tours and treatments at various traditional health centers around the World.

He has had personal tours of the Men Tsee Kang Pharmaceutical factory in Dharamsala and Tibetan Medicine factories in Lhasa, both of which are normally forbidden access to outsiders. Adam has searched high and wide for detailed and practical knowledge of Traditional Medicine.

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