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And Uncle Julian only a little, so though poisoned with the rest of them he survived, albeit with ailing health.

Perfectly Ordinary Ghosts

As one might expect, a mythology grows around the surviving Blackwoods, with Constance generally believed to have committed the murders. After all, did she not wash out the sugar bowl before the police arrived, on the pretext of there being a spider in it? Only Merricat ventures infrequently into town, to collect groceries and books from the library, and when she does she is greeted by the cruel rhymes of children:.

Merricat, said Connie, would you like a cup of tea?

Merricat, said Connie, would you like to go to sleep? Down in the boneyard ten feet deep!

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Unsurprisingly, Merricat is a troubled young woman, marking the bounds of the Blackwood land with fetishes and totems made from scraps and trinkets, fiercely protective of her sister, and marking her days with little OCD rituals. And thus the dusty stage is set for the inevitable conflict that Jackson injects into this gothic tableau, the introduction of a smooth-talking, gold-digging cousin who flatters Constance into believing she can have a normal life, and the ratcheting up of the tension between the Blackwoods and the townsfolk, who are but a gentle push away from the pitchfork-waving mob they inevitably must become.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle is an entrancing, unsettling tale that builds like the pressure pushed ahead of an approaching storm; Jackson weaves words like Merricat makes the talismans that she believes must protect what is left of her family from the outside world.

You and she were sitting in the den—the olive green vinyl couch, sports trophies, new color TV, pictures of Kennedy and King we keep turning to the wall, plate glass door, concrete steps to the back- yard.

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Dopo che il sole ha iniziato a calare nel cielo le cose cambiano. Tu e lei eravate seduti in quella topaia - il divano in vinile verde oliva, i trofei sportivi, la nuova TV a colori, le foto di Kennedy e King che continuiamo a girare verso la parete, la porta a vetri, i gradini di cemento che danno sul retro.

Gr 3—6— When Josie's grandmother becomes ill, Josie and her family leave city life and move to her grandmother's home in the country. For Josie, this means starting sixth grade at a new school, far from her friends, with no Internet or cable TV. Her grandmother has many strange rules and is always muttering to herself about the witch in the woods, which makes it even more difficult for Josie to make friends. When children begin to disappear and horrible dreams start haunting Josie and her younger sister Anna, Josie learns that her grandmother's strange beliefs might not be the mutterings of an old woman.

Recommended as an additional purchase for large collections where scary fiction circulates well. McElderry Bks.

Gr 4—6— Rosa Diaz might have saved her town by unleashing ghosts in A Properly Unhaunted Place, but now she has to deal with poltergeists Purchase where the first book is popular. Gr 5—8— A stunning historical fantasy novel about the power of friendship, our potential for courage, and the beauty of remembering loved ones, set in Victorian England VERDICT Excellent writing and skillful integration of historical fact with compelling characters make this a must-buy where middle grade fantasy is in demand.

Gr 7—10— A compelling Gothic romance filled with generational secrets and blackmail Black crafts between Valentine and Rowan pushes the pace, holding readers' attention until the last page. Gr 5 Up— Collaboration between bestselling authors is bound to produce high expectations, and this mash-up of "Goosebumps"-meets- The Goonies certainly delivers Puffin Canada.

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May Gr 4—7— Clara craves normalcy and organization. With her beloved grandmother deserting their home in Toronto for sunny Florida, Clara is left to the whimsical parenting of her mother, Gabby A solid purchase for larger collections, especially where readers enjoy a touch of the supernatural in their mysteries.

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Sky Pony Pr. Gr —Glorieta Magdalena Davis Espinosa lives with her recently remarried father, her stepmother, and Lilith, her mean-spirited but deeply unhappy stepsister in the town of Puerto de la Luna VERDICT Though the pacing is sometimes uneven, the characterizations are plausible and move the plot along to its satisfying, if somewhat rushed, conclusion.

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Gr 5—8— Poor Fovea Munson. Life is hard in seventh grade when your parents own a cadaver lab and your classmates know that your parents work revolves around dead bodies.

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Gr 5—7— Twenty years after penning the "Whitby Witches" trilogy, British fantasy author-illustrator Jarvis brings readers back to the town of Whitby in the first of this new series VERDICT With a wide array of characters and a highly imaginative story, readers who can't get enough of this mix of humor and light horror will be satisfied in knowing there's more to come; this is the first of a planned trilogy.

Gr 5—8— Long-time favorite fantasy series "Skulduggery Pleasant" is officially jumping the pond to land on U. After the death of her uncle Gordon, year-old Stephanie's quiet life is thrown into chaos as an epic mystery unfolds involving her uncle's secret abilities, a mythical secret, and an ancient threat Gr 4—6— Min is a supernatural creature, a fox spirit, with the ability to use fox-magic, called the Charm, to change her appearance and persuade others to do things A recommended purchase for all middle grade collections. Gr 3—6— Like a love letter to traditional Japan, this graphic novel takes readers off the beaten path to explore the mountains, coast, and small towns of Niigata prefecture alongside a pair of adventure-seeking French tourists VERDICT Light on character development and plot but brimming with charm, this stunning volume will enchant ghost story enthusiasts and those interested in Japan.

Devin Dexter: Bk.

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Sky Pony. Gr 4—6— Devin Dexter and his cousin Tommy are used to battling evil; after all, they recently saved the town from a bunch of demonic stuffed bunnies in Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies A solid purchase where horror series circulate well.

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Gr 4—6— Lucas Trainer isn't happy about his family leaving the city he loves to move to an inherited house in the country. His parents are excited and hope moving will help the serious lung condition that plagues Lucas. Upon arrival, the Trainers soon discover there isn't anything ordinary about the town of Hounds Hollow or their new home, Sweetwater Mansion Gr 5—7— Chance has always admired a marionette named Penny that Fortunato owns and is thrilled when he is allowed to keep Penny after the museum closes.

Chance soon realizes that he can communicate with Penny in his mind Gr 4—8— Cassidy is looking forward to a mostly ghost-free summer vacation when her parents, paranormal history authors, break the news that, instead of a summer at the shore, their family will be traveling to Edinburgh to investigate the most haunted places in Scotland VERDICT This fast-paced, spooky ghost story filled with international adventure is sure to please horror enthusiasts and armchair travelers. Babysitting Nightmares: Bk.