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It seems like biking would be the best way to get around and explore the island. If we decide to rent scooters, how are the rules there? In Asia, you can fit a family of 7 and nobody cares haha you know what I mean, are they super strict with safety regulations?

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We live in Canada, in Vancouver to be specific and everything is so strict. Absolutely love this! I am visiting French Polynesia in June and your blog has got me so excited! Would love it if you shared the place you stayed at in Bora Bora for my research? I would prefer hot weather and calm sea and sunny days. Best regards, Leila :. I was there in January, which is known as the worst time, but I actually had perfect weather for my entire trip!

Dear Lauren, your blog has been such an enormous inspiration for the past year! I know this is a bit out of touch with this great guide but I wasnt able to find any other means of contact except these comments so here goes — how does one work out the Air Tahiti Pass? On their website, they just tell you to start booking a multi-island itinerary but when I do it, following all the requirements of the pass, the price is like 1. On that note everybody hypes Maupiti so much but it seems we will have to skip it… too difficult to reach to on a tight schedule. Oh well! Anyway, I have reached out to Air Tahiti but they only promise 72 hours response time so if you have any advice, that would be just great :.

Hi Lauren SUCH a great post, so helpful and inspiring; Im planning my next holidays over French Polynesia and feel like travelling around it the same way u did, id love to ask u if u could share some advice about how to find the guesthouses? Just on bookings or is there any local website to book them?

And now I guess Huahine!

The French Polynesia archipelogoes and islands:

Did you end up posting costs or do you ever share links to where you stayed? I would follow up on the guest houses you liked. I do speak French, which will help me, but a tip toward friendly hosts there would be welcomed! Thanks again for the post! So helpful and inspiring! Currently been planning a trip around the South Pacific and have been using your website as a guide. It has been super helpful as there is not much out there so thank you!

Do you remember what air pass you bought?

Best Time to Go to French Polynesia

Lovely article Loren, its nice to see how these dreamful places can be travelled without costing a fortune if you really want to explore the landscape and share time with locals rather than just being on a fancy overwater bungalow without seing anything else. Could you please share the link of your acommodation and do you have any list of your travel expenses? Thank you!!!

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Fantastic article Lauren — thank you. We are travelling out to French Polynesia in March and plan to visit several of the islands you mention. French Polynesia What's it Like in? Lauren Published on March 13th, French Polynesia is paradise. Bora Bora from the air. A jungly road in Bora Bora. A beautiful beach on Huahine, with Bora Bora in the distance. Flying in French Polynesia is always spectacular!

Palm trees, flowers, jungle, and a volcano: Maupiti had it all! Views of Bora Bora as we came in to land. A small beach that was popular with locals on Bora Bora. Mountains and jungle on Huahine. Share this post: Twitter Facebook Pinterest. Last updated on August 19th, , Lauren ,. Last updated on April 28th, , Lauren ,.

Last updated on June 9th, , Lauren ,. Andrea Anastasiou May 19, at pm — Reply. Lauren May 20, at am — Reply. Michelle May 19, at pm — Reply. Natalie May 19, at pm — Reply. Your pictures are gorgeous. The shade of that water is perfection! Brie May 20, at am — Reply. Jim May 20, at am — Reply. Lauren June 16, at am — Reply.

My Trip to the Islands of Tahiti

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Travel Books of the Week: Tahiti & French Polynesia Guidebooks

Lots of really affordable options on all of the islands I visited! Dominique May 20, at pm — Reply. I know! My homepage looks ridiculous right now. So many photos of paradise! Shirley Hollick May 20, at pm — Reply. Lauren June 15, at am — Reply. Irma May 20, at pm — Reply. Lauren May 21, at am — Reply. Atanas May 20, at pm — Reply. Van May 21, at am — Reply. Brooklyn Murtaugh May 21, at pm — Reply. Lauren June 22, at pm — Reply. Katie May 22, at am — Reply. Maggie May 24, at am — Reply. Britt May 24, at pm — Reply.

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Lauren June 8, at am — Reply. Rohini June 3, at am — Reply. Never knew it was an easy trip.